Sculpture Restoration, Creation, Design


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wood sculpture
wood sculpture
wood sculpture
wood sculpture
For futher details on the:

  • creation or reproduction of a wooden sculpture,

  • evaluation of a sculpture in wood,

  • vocational training (in French) on wood sculpture,

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Sculpture on wood

Warm and live material, the wood has always been abundantly employed in sculpture for interior design or outdoor ornamentations. The technique of wood sculpture is ancestral for the creation of: statues, figurines, and objects of worship, decorative objects…and so on. Nowadays, sculpture on wood is very much used in interior decoration for pieces of furniture but also as decorative ornamentation in architecture. Wooden sculptures can be commonly found for the realisation of: engravings, statues, busts, portraits, Atlantis, caryatids, gargoyles, mi-reliefs, bas-reliefs, medallions, shells, ornamental sculpture, acanthus leaves, angels, archangels, cherubs…etc.

Sculpture on wood as been my first experience as a sculptor and it is always part of my favourite materials. I create in direct carving or from a modelling, drawing or photo. From now on, I sculpt also on marble or limestone. Whatever is the material chosen by the client, I can create sculptures from any style: contemporary, figurative or classical.

As a professional trainer, I am glad to share my know-how and sculpture techniques on wood and to pass on my passion to those who yearn to deepen this art. I organise continuing education workshops through vocational trainings or sculpture classes. Training is intended for novice or experienced sculptors. Acquiring the technique includes:
to learn to distinguish the different varieties of wood and to appreciate their scent, their appearance, qualities and imperfections. The choice of wood to sculpt is highly important.
to learn the tools used: gouge and mallet, grater, rifflers…etc.
to learn the sculptor’s gesture, the different stages in the work from the epannelage to the finishing touch (polychrome or varnishing), including the tools sharpening.