Sculpture Restoration, Creation, Design


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students during a sculpture class
students during a sculpture class
students during a sculpture class
Training is suitable with the use of ‘Congés individuels de formation (CIF)’ or the ‘Droit individuel à la formation (DIF)’. For further details on:

  • the organisation of sculpture classes (group or private lessons, in French)

  • the order of a sculpture,

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Artist affiliated to the Maison des Artistes, I have significant skills and experience in the classical style, gained through restoration on listed historical monuments and throughout my professional career as a sculptor and ‘compagnon du tour de France’ since 1978. I have been teaching to the Fine Arts association in Cannes, and I can organise classes for any association or group of people in their companies (via co-workers committees) on the French Riviera. Since I live in Cannes, I am willing to travel for classes from St Tropez to Monaco (Nice, Antibes… etc). Classes are customised according to the needs. I teach sculpture on wood, sculpture on limestone and sculpture on marble. The pedagogy is organised around the:

  • modelling and study of the volume,
  • moulding,
  • sculpture induction or advanced level training for sculptors or stone-cutters,
  • artistic drawing,
  • artistic education for Fine Arts students,
  • professional training for stonecutters, restorers, teachers… etc, keen to discover the sculpture techniques to complete or deepen their knowledge,
  • continuing education for professionals in search for a specialisation on a specific subject: statue, ornamentation, moulding, restoration…etc

Else, I can organise a vocational training on the French Riviera.