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marble sculpture
marble sculpture
'Angelot aux burettes' (15th century), copy from the Louvre), marble sculpture
Whether it be for a decorative work of art or a period piece of art, a creation of sculpture can vary from a small dimension to a monumental one. For further information on the:

  • Creation or reproduction of a marble sculpture,

  • Sculpture classes,

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Marble sculpture

The marble from Carrara is very much cherished by artists for sculpture creations. As a prestigious material, renowned for its translucent white and its purety, this high-quality marble is exceptional.

The Antique period offers a demonstration of the beauty expressed with this eternal material. The marble from Carrara is often used for the creation of: mascaron, fountain, statue, ornamentations, vase, stands,¬†caryatids, Atlantis, engraving, mi-relief, bas-relief, haut-relief, ornamental sculpture, acanthus leaf, shell, Venus, Greek statue, angel, archangel, cherub, funeral urn, equestrian statue but also for the reproduction of a bust, portrait, medallion…etc.

Custom-made sculptures may be created from direct carving and can be reproduced from an existing model (beginning with a clay modelling, a photo or a sketch) or they may be a creation according to a given theme.
Patterns may include plants, human-beings or animals (equestrian statue for example) and the style may be figurative, classical but also contemporary or abstract.
Whenever an order is made, a modelling may be created in clay, to represent the model. Then the sculpture may be sculpted as a unique artwork or may, thanks to a mould and plaster casting, be reproduced in a limited (or not) edition and this in different types of material.
On demand, I organise sculpture classes or workshops either through an association or for a group of people (co-workers committees) and I regularly give lessons of sculpture, modelling, volume and drawing within Fine Arts schools.