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Jean-michel Labarre, sculpture restorer

Jean-michel Labarre, sculpture restorer in Monaco, Beaulieu sur mer. Sculptor in Nice, St Jean Cap Ferrat…etc.

From Cannes, I am willing to travel for a free quotation, on the whole French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, Monaco…etc). For further details on:

  • the restoration of ornamentations on a listed historical monument or a period private residence,

  • the restoration of a sculpture or statue,

  • the evaluation of the condition, the dating and the value of a sculpture.

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EXPERTISE in Preservation and Restoration

My professional background as a sculptor, led me to restore numerous sculptures and ornamentations on listed historical monuments and thus to master the different techniques of restoration. The restoration of listed historical monuments requires the use of the most traditional techniques together with innovative contemporary materials, adapted in our time. The restoration of a piece of art, a period statue, delicate ornamentations…etc demands a lot of attention. An inadequate restoration can damage irretrievably, and for ever, a masterpiece. Since I am often being asked advices on these matters, I wish to share my experience and expertise with:

professionals (craftmen, architects, antique dealers, decorators…etc) keen to deepen their technical knowledge,

town councils willing to deal with the most recurrent questions in terms of preservation, cleaning and restoration of any built heritage in stone or wood,

– owners or managers of an elegant period property, willing to highlight the value of their estate.

This may be organised through a professional training or a consultation as expert. The training may cover: a sculpture evaluation, the historical reconstruction and study of the material, the cleaning methods, the restoration of damaged sculptures, the replacement of damaged parts or the copying of the whole sculpture.

You may read some technical case studies (F.A.Qs in French) on my Facebook page ==>facebook esprit sculpture