Sculpture Restoration, Creation, Design


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Sculpture from clay modelling
Sculpture from clay modelling
For further details on:

  • the creation or reproduction of a sculpture in marble, stone, wood or bronze,

  • the restoration of a sculpture or of a piece of art,

  • mouldings and castings,

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Custom-made sculpture

Are you looking for a sculptor in Nice? a sculptor in Monaco? I travel on the whole French Riviera and Monaco to quote a price for a restoration or a sculpture creation. Quotations are free. You may contact my english speaking assistant on 06 64 29 19 31 for details.

I sculpt on marble from Carrara, limestone (less expensive and offering a large choice of colours and textures), wood, (ornamentation for pieces of furniture or architectural decoration) or I shape models for bronze pieces of art.

I restore both ornamentations, sculptures in the round and artworks.

From architectural plans, sketches or live models, custom-made sculptures may be monumental or represent small precious pieces of art. My significant knowledge in art history and sculpture technique allow me to sculpt in direct carving (from a drawing or by imagination) sculptures in all styles (classical, figurative or contemporary):

  • bas relief, mi-relief, haut-relief, engraving,
  • mascaron, Atlantis, caryatids,
  • fountain, statue,
  • Venus, angel, archangel, cherub,
  • funeral statue, decorative urn,
  • bust, portrait, medallion.

Artist but also craftsman, I can create objects or sculptures replicated in several copies thanks to a mould (limited and numbered edition in bronze for example) or sculpted as a unique piece of art.

This work is always hand-made in France and with a high-end finish.