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mascaron in clay modelling
model in clay modelling of a little girl, preliminary for a sculpture
I create a modelling from a direct carving or from a model or sketch. For futher details on:

  • a custom modelling order,

  • a custom sculpture order,

  • the classes of modelling, volume or sculpture,

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Clay modelling

The modelling consists in sculpting malleable materials, such as different sorts of modelling clay, self-hardening clay or wax. Nowadays, numerous contemporary materials are being used for modelling instead of natural clay, since they offer more malleability or do not dry.

As an essential material to preliminary sculpture study, modelling allows to shape the clay with hands or tools. A clay modelling may also remain the original model once it has been baked.

Several types of finishing touches are possible to make (with paintings, wax or other methods) in order to obtain certain colours, shades and specific textures. For large dimension sculptures, a framework is being used.

However often, a modelling is employed as a model prior to a sculpture in limestone, marble or even bronze. The malleability of the clay renders the sculptor’s movement, allowing a more intuitive and original shape (Rodin was proficient in modelling and was able to express that famous strength in his sculptures).

The modelling may also be used prior to a plaster cast moulding so as to create a limited edition of copies. The final production may then be in plaster, bronze or polyester resin.

I give classes or workshops on the techniques of modelling, volume, drawing in the French Riviera (from Cannes to Monaco). Classes may be adapted, on demand, to Fine arts students or experienced professionals (stone cutters, other craftsmen…etc)