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Mascaron in bronzeA sculpture in bronze is always a unique and prestigious piece of art.

For the creation of Artworks in bronze, I can, previously, shape the sculpture with clay modelling in direct carving or from a model. I can create a unique piece of art or a limited edition.

The style of the custom work can be classical or contemporary.

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  • the creation of a custom sculpture in bronze,

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Sculpture in bronze

Bronze is part of the essential materials used to render some specific sculptures’ effects. Part of the most resistant materials (alloy of copper and tin), the bronze is being employed since 2000 B.C. The bronze does not get damaged by corrosion, which gives this material an advantageous stability for the artist or the client. If the bronze maintains all its characteristics through time, its methods of fabrication also remain unchanged: first a clay modelling is shaped, and when the masterpiece is achieved, the final bronze is created in the foundry.

Possibilities of creation are endless with the bronze because its strength allows technical achievements, which are impossible to realise with other materials (ie: an equestrian statue representing a bounding horse which is held on its hind legs). The sculpture can then express lightness, finesse, grace and sensitivity as well as strength.
Bronze highlights all the energy and strength a sculpture deserves.

As a finishing touch, a patina will contribute to the particular aspect of the bronze, with the application of different heated materials, which will give the bronze its final colour and sensual aspect.

The bronze allows copying. A mould provides a limited and numbered edition, which grants the sculpture an extra value. This explains why artists particularly cherish the bronze for the creation of artworks. Bronze remains an exceptional piece of art.

Bronze is commonly employed for the realisation of: mascaron, statue, ornamentations, engraving, mi-relief, bas-relief, haut-relief, ornamental sculpture, bust, portrait, acanthus leaf…etc.