Sculpture Restoration, Creation, Design


3D body scanningExperienced in ornamental sculpture and statuary, I propose a wide range of services, with the mastery of scaling leading edge technologies as well as new methods of sculpture.



Based in Cannes, I am willing to travel on the whole French Riviera and Monaco for a free quotation.For further details on:

  • scanning a mode for its reproduction,

  • scanning a work of art for a digital archiving,
  • transforming a 3D file,

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Digital Sculpture 3D file

The activity ‘Esprit sculpture’ was born from an experience based on traditional sculpture techniques but the new technologies form an additional tool and open up the scope of possibilities.


Complementary to old methods, this leading edge technology replaces the pointing machine and the pentograph. It allows to reproduce any shape of sculpture in the round or mi-relief, to reduce or increase the dimension and to save it as a 3D file. This file may be used for pictures archiving or can serve to make a sculpture with a digital machine, directly into the stone, wood..etc.

This cutting edge of technology allows to make body scanning in tree dimensions!


This is the profesionnal tool of the Future for sculptors!

This software can be considered as the new way of sculpting or modelling clay. This is a really comprehensive tool as clay may be added or suppressed and there is a wide range of textures. Perfectly designed, it is a powerful instrument now essential to adjust a 3D file and to use 3D printing.

A tool in the service of an artistic savoir-faire!

This software has been made for the creation of sculpture and necessitates an artistic background and sculpture mastery.

Digital sculpture rests on academic sculpture fundamentals before spectacular effects of computer generated images may be created, because it is always possible to simplify the reality but it is impossible to enrich an¬†initially poor digital data without the experience of sculpting (read more…).